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Portfolio of Bristol based freelance digital digner and 3D artist Dave Ashby. I design and build projects of all shapes and sizes for all types of clients such as design agencies and small businesses. I offer freelance services such as creative direction, graphic design, responsive website design, HTML Email design, 3D modelling & animation, print design, flash games and I also wireframe and design mobile and tablet apps. With over 15 years experience in various areas of design including art direction, creative direction, web design, illustration, graphic design, print, app design, 3D Modelling ( Cinema4D ), animation, video editing and flash games.


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Rotary Watch 3D Animation

Rotary Watch Animation

London Underground Infographic

Underground Infographic

Profotfit Branding and Website Design

Protofit Branding and Website


  • Lynks’ Shorts Returns

    Lynks 3D Cinema4d

    4 years ago I started a project as part of my animated comic series ‘Afterdark’. I planned to create little 3D animated shorts focussed around Lynks, a little dragon who fills to role of basic comic relief in the larger story. My first attempt ‘Power Outage‘ was too long, although the end result was epic, it wasn’t something I could put together regularly. Add in the general day to day distractions and naturally this project idea got shelved.

    However, in the mean time I have been working on the rest of the comic. Unfortunately I’m not ready to share that, but after having some inspirational feedback about my old Lynks animations, i’ve decided to bring him back! In shorter 10-20 sec mini animations just for fun. I already have many animations planned and this time it feels doable.

    I’m just excited to finally get more of my comic universe into the real world.
    If you want to see my previous animated shorts see the youtube links below and stay tuned for more!

    Full animated short ‘Power Outage’ – https://youtu.be/qkAyniO1OXg